Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh Essential Oil is a resin gum extracted from the bark of a tree. It’s amazingly fragrant, and it has beyond-belief benefits and uses. In short, this little piece of wonder has been used for spiritual and medical purposes since ancient times.

History of Myrrh the Miracle Gum

Ancient civilizations have used Myrrh for holistic and spiritual purposes. For example, Egyptians used it as a mosquito repellent. Elites of ancient times used to hang it around the neck for fragrance purposes. Myrrh has a history of thousands of years, primarily used as an incense, spiritual oil, and to treat health issues. Myrrh has been highly regarded since ancient times, proved from archaeological evidence.

Babylonians used to burn it during religious events and ceremonies. Romans and Greeks used to burn it at funerals and cremation ceremonies. Later, Greek herbalists or health practitioners started using it for antiseptic and other medical purposes.

From the old and new testaments, it is perceived that Myrrh was worth gold at the time of Jesus’ era.

It will be interesting to unearth that this fragrant wonder was traded among different civilizations and used in warfare to heal warriors’ wounds.

It is also known as Bol, Bola, Hirabol, Meera, and gum. It is more prevalent in Arab countries since its widely cultivated in middle eastern countries. In 1540 its distillation became common, and it became an integral part of French remedies for treating cuts, wounds, and infections.

Where Does Myrrh Come From

Myrrh comes from shrubby trees, mainly in Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. When the bark is cut, it oozes out a gummy substance in yellow gold color, and it hardens once when exposed to air. It is interesting that natives also consume it as chewing gum with more than many benefits. Myrrh essential oil is extracted through the distillation process from the resin/ gum part of the plant. It is exceptionally fragrant, mostly when burned.

Myrrh Essential Oil

Ancient civilizations and the modern world used myrrh essential oil for more than many commercial purposes. Myrrh essential oil is the foremost important for fragrance and beauty products. Today’s modern spas and salons are used for relaxation purposes. It has powerful antiseptic properties, making it an ideal natural health booster. It is taken both internally and externally. However, it is recommended not to ingest without the approval of essential oil practitioners. It has been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for treating chronic diseases. It is also used as a massage oil for relaxing and therapeutic effects. It’s an excellent oil for body cleansing, emotional well-being, and beauty aid.

Myrrh and Cancer

Cancer has become a common threat for the human race, and it has become more common in recent years despite all the medical and research attention this evil disease is getting from all sectors of health concerns. However, Myrrh has been a hot favorite in cancer treatment and gaining popularity and attention more than ever! Myrrh may help kill or slow down cancerous cell growth as recent studies and test-tube experiments. In addition, its sap is believed to be more potent in terms of medical uses.

Its anti-inflammatory properties make it more popular and effective in cancer treatment. It is also used as an analgesic for ages. It has been proved in numerous research this nature’s wonder suppresses cancerous growth. It is advised to consult a doctor before taking any essential oil or resin for medical purposes as it may react to medicine or slow down the process. Make sure to take your concerns to the therapist to avoid possible side effects.

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Myrrh Feel and Fragrance

Myrrh has a rich, bitter, and sweet blended smell has a hint of warm earthy and woody fragrance. It smells best when mixed with other essential oils since it adds a warm feel to the scent, alluring, soothing, and calming to the senses. In addition, it’s a cooling scent that tends to be sweeter in resin form than the distilled steam process.

It will be interesting to note that Baby Jesus has gifted Myrrh brought by the three kings, and it’s one of the oldest fragrances used in prayers and oldest perfumeries.

Myrrh Essential Oil for Your Skin

Myrrh Essential Oil for your Skin

Myrrh is equally excellent for external applications, especially skincare. This wonder oil can be your skincare regime’s best friend. It does not just help fade blemished, but it also helps to nourish your skin. It is also used in treating eczema and other skin-related issues. It makes you look younger since it’s a fantastic antiaging powerpack for your skin.

Choosing the right carrier oil is crucial, and it shouldn’t be applied directly to the skin. Direct application of any essential oil can cause irritation or even severe reaction. However, all you need is a suitable carrier oil and a few drops of Myrrh essential oil.

Bottom Line

This miracle oil has a rich history of its own! There are more than a million ways to use this oil. You can benefit from its amazingly beneficial properties. It had been a significant trade good of ancient civilization.

Myrrh has proven to be effective in every sense of use, and it is up to the individual how they utilize this for mental and physical health. Essential oils work differently with different blends and applications, and it is up to the individual how and for what purpose it is being used. With time you will learn and discover the benefits and uses of your own.

We will keep sharing information that will benefit you in many ways. We are grateful to be alive in an age where all information is available on the internet, and it’s a lot easier to create awareness and benefit from it. Essential oils have crazy gained popularity in recent years as we have learned the hard way: to go back to roots and benefit from natural elements mother earth is blessed with.